June 24, 2008

June 25 Webinar on the "M" Generation

Just Kid Inc is holding a webinar tomorrow on the "M" Generation, or "Millenials", at 11:30 EST. Here's the link if you are interested.

According to the Webinar info flier, the goals of this 30 minute presentation are to:

"focus on the “hot buttons” of this important generations:
o How the “m generation” thinks, communicates, and BUYS
o How their attitudes differ from prior generations
o How to market and message to this powerful consumer group
o With the opportunity to “ask the experts” via online q-and-a"

BTW, what's a Millenial? They are the target population of Just Kids. According to Just Kids, the M's are:

"o More numerous
o More affluent
o More educated
o More “connected”
…compared to any prior generation."

Basically, the M's are the parents of the kids we care for!

Should be an interesting 30 minutes so I wanted to pass it along.