June 30, 2008

AAP Summer Safety Tip Time - and Tips to Get the Tips to Your Families!

With summer in full swing and the 4th of July around the corner, we have a lot of advice to give out to our families in the short amount of time our office visits allow. The AAP has some great tips on all the important summer issues, including fireworks, that will help make your job a great deal easier -and more efficient:

1. Fireworks Safety

According to the National Fire Protection Association,

  • "In 2006, U.S. hospital emergency rooms treated an estimated 9,200 people for fireworks related injuries. 49% of the injuries were to the extremities and 46% were to the head. 55% of the 2006 fireworks injuries were burns, while 30% were contusions and lacerations.
  • The risk of fireworks injury was two-and-a-half times as high for children ages 10-14 as for the general population."

2. Summer Safety Tips Part I
Sun, Heat Stress, Pool Safety, Bugs, Playgrounds, Bikes and Lawnmowers

3. Summer Safety Tips Part II
Fireworks, Boating and ATVs

So, now that you have the links and highlights, there are some easy ways you can help your families remember the information:

1. Give out a cheat sheet in your office with these links.
2. Include these links in your email newsletter or have the local hospital do it for you. Likely your families receive some sort of seasonal bulletin from your community hospital and most are happy to include information you provide.
3. Post these links on your own blog or website.
4. Write a small article for a local newspaper or blog on summer safety and include these links. Not sure where to start, how about whatever paper you read in your own community!

If you have other ideas for how to share these great AAP tips with families, let me know and I'll share the ideas in a follow-up post: cocmeditor@pediatricsnow.com