June 6, 2008

COCM on the Blogsphere: Miami Dr. Deb on Miami Herald

Being involved with blogs and blog writing can have many levels of involvement. For some of us, developing and maintaining a blog is fun. For others, just writing is the goal. The blogsphere offers both opportunities.

Writing for a blog has a number of perks:
1. writing experience
2. media exposure
3. exposure for your group
4. health education for the readers of the blog

Dr. Deborah Mulligan, a COCM member from Florida, recently became involved with a new blog for the Miami Herald called MomsMiami. I asked Dr. Deb about what made her decide to get involved with this blog at this time. She told me by email:

"With a market in Florida and International communities the Miami Herald website affords me the opportunity as a pediatrician to reach thousands of mothers with information that will better the lives of their children and families. Discussing burning pediatric issues will help families make informed decisions to ensure that their kids are healthy and safe."
MomsMiami has really taken off. The blog's creator told Dr. Deb: "We launched about two months ago and are getting about 70,000+ views a month so far. We have over 2,000 registered users and growing every day." Not surprising given the circulation of the Miami Herald is 4.2 million readers a year - that amounts to about 600,000 readers a day during the week and over 800,000 readers on Sundays!

You can read Dr. Deb's first post here.

How can you get involved in blogs in your area? Check out your local newspapers. You can start small with your local neighborhood and community papers or go larger to your regional or state newspapers. If they don't have a blog, suggest one. Often you'll find the editors are contemplating one! BTW, this is how my foray into the blogsphere started.

If you ever have questions about blogging, email me or drop a line to all of us on the COCM list-serve and those of us blogging will be happy to share our experiences and get you going.

Do you have a blog story to share? Are you involved with your local newspaper blog? I'd love to know! Email me at cocmeditor@pediatricsnow.com.

And, if you ever have questions about blogging or are not sure where to begin your hunt to join the ranks of pediatricians like Dr. Deb who are reaching out to families through the blogsphere, drop a line through the list-serve. Those of us doing things you want to do are always happy to help and share!